Designer and manufacturer of Ethylene Oxide and Steam Sterilizers 

Thanks to its 10 years’ experience in engineering of Medical Devices Sterilizers, MDS company has been dedicated to offer sterilization solution, process optimization and associated services.

We are working in partnership with our customers. By this way, we become a trusted and adviser supplier. Through this relationship, our customers can see how we work and this demonstrates our ability to execute worldwide. 

We design and manufacture Ethylene Oxide and Steam sterilizers, their related equipment and accessories for medical devices manufacturers and sterilization services providers. 

MDS offers a long experience in the field of industrial sterilization processes and proposes state-of-the-art, safe solutions either for single piece of equipment as well as turn-key plant. 

Our manufacturing workshop is equipped with most efficient welding machine and highly qualified staff.

Our experience in medical and pharmaceutical industries allows us to offer to our clients turnkey solutions according to their requirements.

MDS is recognized for its availability and flexibility of its maintenance services. 

Contact Us: 

Phone: 0033 983 795 995

Our Customer Service is recognized by its reactivity. We have a dedicated team for maintenance, calibration, qualification and revamping services.

Our various solution are developed to increase the quality, performance and durability of steam and EtO sterilization systems. 


We provide our assistance, advices and expertise through: 

          - Powerful remote maintenance access through a secured connection 

          - Preventive and Curative maintenance services 

          - Free hotline support